Rjs Garden Centre

Posted on: 3 June 2020

RJS Garden Centre

To Laura - Thanks for all your help throughout the pandemic and generally being good to us throughout the year. We really appreciate it


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8 September 2020

2,347 Gravesend Households Have Children That Haven’T Flown The Nest

Gravesend Millennials Moving Back in with Mum & Dad?   Roll the clock back 20 years and any self-respecting late 20/early 30 something would never say on their first date that they lived with their mum and dad. It was seen as a sign of immaturity being tied to your...

8 September 2020

The Negotiator - Four Major House Builders Under Investigation For Leasehold Mis-Selling

  *All Credits to The Negotiator*  https://thenegotiator.co.uk/cma-leasehoild-investigation-four-builders/ Four major house builders under investigation for leasehold mis-selling Five months after saying it would look into the scandal, the CMA says the firms to be...

28 August 2020

The 2,334 ‘Trapped Landlords’ Of Gravesend

The 2,334 ‘Trapped Landlords’ of Gravesend   Going into lockdown in March, the Government proclaimed a ban on tenant evictions, pledging that no tenant in a private rented home, who had lost their wages due to Covid-19 would be kicked out of their private rented home...

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