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Property Consultancy Services

Unlock Expert Guidance and Solutions

Whether you’re a landlord, agent, or involved in property management, the demands of the property sector can be overwhelming. Compliance, legislation, and day-to-day management can become burdensome. But at Amax Estates, we have the expertise and solutions to lighten your load.

Property Consultancy Services

Comprehensive Consultancy

From fundamental advice to comprehensive solutions, our consultancy services cater to all your property sector needs. We’re specialists in this field, offering guidance on everything from service of notices to navigating court processes and case preparation. Our commitment is to minimise inconveniences while maximising benefits for our clients.

Your One-Stop Solution

Your One-Stop Solution

Our aim is to be your ultimate resource for all property-related matters. Whether you need effective assistance, valuable advice, or a team of professionals who genuinely care, we’re here for you.

Certainly, here’s a combined version of the “Meet Our Expert” section that incorporates Maxine’s extensive experience as both a landlord and the Managing Director of Amax Estates:

Meet Our Expert

Meet Our Expert

Our consultancy services are enriched by the exceptional expertise of Maxine Fothergill, a trusted figure in the field, and a team of specialists. Maxine’s remarkable journey spans over 25 years as a landlord, running her own property portfolio, and over 22 years as the Managing Director of Amax Estates.

In recognition of her outstanding contributions to the industry, Maxine has achieved the esteemed ‘Fellow’ status within the Institute of Residential Property Managers (IRPM), a distinction reserved for those who have made exemplary contributions.

Maxine – Past President of ARLA Property giving the keynote presentation at the ARLA Propertymark Conference in December 2021 in front of over 1000 delegates at London Excell

Her commitment to the field extends beyond her role as a property entrepreneur. Maxine has served as the past president of ARLA Propertymark, demonstrating her leadership in the sector. Her involvement in government consultation groups has played a pivotal role in shaping landlord legislation, making it more practical for landlords and agents. Currently, she is an active member of the all-party Parliamentary group for leasehold reform.

Maxine’s extensive experience and dedication ensure that your property matters are guided by the highest standards of expertise. With her at the helm, Amax Estates stands out in the private rented sector, ready to provide tailored solutions and unwavering support for all your property needs.

Lettings Consultancy Services

  • Creation, Execution, and Service of Notices: Expertly handle Section 21, Section 8, and Section 13 notices.
  • Legal Support: Completion and submission of accelerated possession forms and PCOL form N119 possession forms.
  • Property Inspections: Routine inspections to maintain property standards.
  • Check-In and Check-Out Services: Including inventory and schedule of condition.
  • Property MOT: Comprehensive property assessments.
  • Fire Risk Assessments: Ensuring safety compliance.
  • Business Consultancy: Tailored solutions for letting agents striving for compliance.
  • Technical Training:  Lettings-specific training sessions.
  • Deposit Advice and Returns: Assistance with deposit matters.
  • Disrepair & Damage Claims: Support with handling property damages.
  • Rent Arrears: Assistance in resolving rent arrear issues.

Block Management Consultancy Services

  • Reading and Understanding of Leases: Decode the complexities of lease agreements, ensuring clarity and compliance.
  • Building Safety Act Legislation:Stay ahead of the curve with expert support and guidance on the latest legislation, including the Building Safety Act.
  • Setting Up a Right to Manage Company (RTM): Navigate the process of establishing an RTM company, empowering residents with greater control.
  • Running and Resident Management Company (RMC): Understand the intricacies of RMCs, ensuring smooth operations and effective decision-making.
  • Roles and Responsibilities as an RMC/RTM Director:Gain clarity on your responsibilities and duties as a director within an RMC or RTM company.
  • Major Works (Section 20):Navigate the complexities of Section 20 processes, ensuring compliance and successful project management.
  • Enfranchisement Support: If you’re looking to purchase the freehold of your property, our experts can guide you through the enfranchisement process.
  • Creating New Leases:Crafting leases that meet the needs of all parties involved, ensuring fairness and clarity.
  • New Developer Support:For new developments, we offer guidance to set up estates correctly from the outset, preventing long-term issues.
  • Cost-Effective Budgets:Assistance in creating budgets that are both comprehensive and cost-effective, ensuring financial stability.
  • Technical Issues:Navigate technical challenges with ease, from setting up short, medium, and long-term cyclical repair and maintenance programs to addressing other technical complexities.

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