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Master The Art Of Buying And Selling Homes Simultaneously In Gravesend

9 months ago
Master The Art Of Buying And Selling Homes Simultaneously In Gravesend

Know Your Gravesend Home’s Worth

First things first, you need a precise valuation of your current Gravesend home. While online estimates are convenient, nothing beats an in-person assessment from a Gravesend estate agent. We’ll help you determine an accurate selling price that considers every unique feature of your home.


Assess Your Financial Standing

After your property is valued, it’s time to determine your budget. Consider your expected sale proceeds, existing savings, and necessary affordability checks to define your spending limit.

£££££ Calculations

Moving home involves costs—estate agent fees, conveyancers, and surveyors, not to mention stamp duty and moving expenses. Having a rough budget upfront helps you plan more efficiently.

Prep Your Gravesend Home

Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. What needs improvement in your Gravesend home? Tackle those minor repairs now to avoid roadblocks later.

Assemble Your Dream Home Move Team

Underestimating the importance of the right professionals can be a pitfall. Your transaction will likely involve an estate agent and conveyancer. Choose wisely.

Paperwork Prep

Ready your property documents like Land Registry details, planning permissions, building certificates, ID, management company info (if leasehold), window and insulation guarantees, title deeds and EPC certificates. This paperwork speeds up the transaction, saving you from potential hiccups. If you need any help with this, we can help.

Market and Search

Inform your Gravesend estate agent that you’re ready to market your property. Keep an eye out for reserve properties if the one you want to buy sells before you sell yours, but prioritise selling your existing home first.

Sale and Offer Negotiation

What if you get multiple offers? While the highest offer may seem appealing, consider the buyer’s position too. Are they ready and motivated to move? Take this into account when accepting an offer if you haven’t already. Finally, if you haven’t already, make an offer on the one you want to buy. Again, we can help you with that.

Mortgage and Conveyancing

Upon accepting an offer on your home and getting an offer accepted on the one you want to buy, finalise your mortgage and kickstart the conveyancing process. This step is crucial and often time-consuming, so act promptly.

Surveys and Final Steps

Depending on whether you are taking a mortgage or not, instruct a surveyor for your new home and settle on exchange and completion dates. Then, gear up for the big move.

In a nutshell, both buying and selling a property in Gravesend can be a breeze with proper planning and the right team.

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