Turn Your Clutter Into Cash

Posted on: 23 October 2022

 Turn your clutter into cash

We are a nation of secret and sometimes not so secret hoarders. It’s rare for a home to be completely clutter free. If the surfaces are empty, you can nearly always guarantee that there will be at least a couple of overstuffed cupboards. 


However, there is something that may motivate you to declutter.


The stuff you haven’t seen let alone used for years could actually help you to pay your rising energy bills or contribute towards a well earned break in the sunshine.Second hand items are also good for the environment as they reduce the amount of things that go to landfill. 


So decluttering can be good for your home, your wallet and the environment! 


???? Research

Gone are the days when eBay was your only option for selling your unwanted items. Now there are a whole range of sites, some of which specialise in certain items, such as Vinted or Depop where you can sell clothes and accessories. 


Facebook Marketplace can be a great way of selling items without having to pay any commission, as can local sites like Nextdoor.

???? Be honest

If there is any damage to your item it is better to be upfront about it rather than have it returned to you. To save yourself and the buyer time haggling if there is any damage, reflect this in the price. 


If you think your item isn’t worth selling then try putting it on a site like Freecycle. 


You won’t benefit financially from selling it but you will be stopping it from going to landfill so there is a feel-good reward. 

???? Make sure the price is right

Be sensible when you are setting the price. Just like when you are selling a property, if you set the price too high then there will be little interest and then your item will be further devalued when it sits unwanted on the selling site for ages. 


However, you also don’t want to set the price so low that it simply isn’t worth your time and effort to sell it. 



???? Photographs

Taking lots of photographs will reduce the amount of time and the number of “no thanks” that you will get when selling an item as a collection only. 


It will also increase your chances of selling your items online and reduce returns as people like to see clearly what they are purchasing. 


To increase your chances of a swift sale, just as when selling a property, good photographs are essential. Keep the background clutter free, make sure that the lighting is good and ensure that you take photographs from several angles. 

If you are decluttering in order to sell your home and would like some advice or a free no-obligation valuation then please do give us  a call on 01474 564444.



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