The Uk Government Has Updated Its Guidance On The New Rental Mediation Service For Landlords And Tenants Undergoing Possession Proceedings.

Posted on: 7 June 2021

The UK Government has updated its guidance on the new Rental Mediation Service for landlords and tenants undergoing possession proceedings.

From February the Government started a cost free mediation scheme to help landlords and tenants resolve unrest before a court hearing can take place.


The Scheme is part of the Ministry of Housing , Communities and local Governments work with the ministry of Justice on new court arrangements to help all parties involved as a response to the ongoing pandemic , as of now it has been authorised to last for six months

The Guidance was first published in April but the details of the scheme were updated by the UK government at the end of May, there are 5 areas that the information focuses on and they are as follows

  • About the service
  • When mediation is offered
  • How mediation works
  • Get the most from mediation
  • What happens next

This new mediation pilot will be free to use for landlords and tenants involved in a housing possession court case and is designed to help resolve cases without the need of face to face interaction at a court hearing.


This service will be available to tenants and landlords in both the social and private sectors across courts in England and Wales

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