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Buying your own Gravesend home has always been seen as a good investment, yet with the rise of crypto currency such as bitcoin making eye watering returns, is this the end of Gravesend property as investment?

Buying Your Own Gravesend Home Has Always Been Seen As A Good Investment, Yet With The Rise Of Crypto Currency Such As Bitcoin Making Eye Watering Returns, Is This The End Of Gravesend Property As Investment?

Gravesend Homeowners Profit By £49,340 in Last 5 Years … yet Bitcoin investors would have made £15,191,450 in profit. Is investing in ‘Bricks &...

Posted: 3 December 2021

Rise in UK inflation on their finances and the value of their Gravesend property?

Rise In Uk Inflation On Their Finances And The Value Of Their Gravesend Property?

Gravesend House Prices - The Effect of Rising Inflation House prices tend to rise with inflation, so with UK annual inflation hitting 4.2% last week, that’s good news, isn’t it?...

Posted: 2 December 2021

Lifetime Deposits

Lifetime Deposits

With Gravesend Tenants Deposits Totalling £4,908,000, how will ‘Lifetime Deposits’ Change the Gravesend Rental Market?   The Government’s scheduled...

Posted: 19 November 2021

is the Gravesend  Property Market running out of steam?

Is The Gravesend Property Market Running Out Of Steam?

Is the Gravesend Property Market Running Out of Steam?   In recent articles on the Gravesend property market, I have been talking a lot about house prices over the last 12...

Posted: 13 November 2021

Gravesend homeowner? Interest Rates will rise three times by the late Summer of 2022

Gravesend Homeowner? Interest Rates Will Rise Three Times By The Late Summer Of 2022

Gravesend Homeowners to Face Post-Lockdown Mortgage Rate Rise of £1,013 a Year   With grocery, energy and other household prices/costs rising and hitting everyone’s back...

Posted: 12 November 2021

6 Tips To Staging Your Hall

6 Tips to Staging Your Hall   Your hall is the first room in the house viewers will see when they come to take a look around your property, so it's important to create a good first...

Posted: 11 November 2021

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