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Gravesend Property Market: Is now a good time to buy, or should people wait?

Gravesend Property Market: Is Now A Good Time To Buy, Or Should People Wait?

Later in the article, I will explain why 2023 differs entirely from 2008 (the last property market crash).   Yet it cannot be denied that the house prices achieved for Gravesend homes...

Posted: 12 April 2023

Why Does it Still Take 135 Days to  Buy a Gravesend House?

Why Does It Still Take 135 Days To Buy A Gravesend House?

In the last 12 months, it has taken 125 days on average from the time an offer is accepted to the completion of the sale (up from 117 days in 2021).   125 days or just under 18 weeks...

Posted: 5 April 2023

Buying a Gravesend Home is Still £1,618 a Year Cheaper Than Renting

Buying A Gravesend Home Is Still £1,618 A Year Cheaper Than Renting

The average 2-bed home in Gravesend is worth £261,644.   The monthly homeownership cost of such a Gravesend home (including the mortgage payments, property maintenance, and...

Posted: 29 March 2023

Is it Now or Never for the Gravesend Property Market?

Is It Now Or Never For The Gravesend Property Market?

The Gravesend property market is finding that with the friction of higher mortgage rates and the effects of inflation on household budgets; things are slightly different in 2023 compared to recent...

Posted: 11 March 2023

Is your Gravesend home bigger than 1,001 sq ft?

Is Your Gravesend Home Bigger Than 1,001 Sq Ft?

Gravesend h omeowners – d o you know how big your Gravesend h ome is?     What is the square footage of your Gravesend home? ...

Posted: 21 February 2023

50% of Gravesend house sellers in 2022 had only been in their old home on average  5 years and 37 weeks

50% Of Gravesend House Sellers In 2022 Had Only Been In Their Old Home On Average 5 Years And 37 Weeks

Newspaper stories and social media posts painted a picture of homeowners moving from the city centres to its suburbs, from the suburbs to the towns and countryside around the UK. Areas like the...

Posted: 14 February 2023

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