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Breaking: Renters Reform Bill Unveiled

Breaking: Renters Reform Bill Unveiled

Breaking: Renters Reform Bill Unveiled What Kent Landlords and Tenants Need to Know   The most critical piece of legislation affecting the private rented sector in England has...

Posted: 22 May 2023

Gravesend's Property Market Enigma: Cracking the Code of Gravesend's £387/sq. ft Puzzle for First-Time Buyers.

Gravesend's Property Market Enigma: Cracking The Code Of Gravesend's £387/Sq. Ft Puzzle For First-Time Buyers.

“Dear Estate Agent   My fiancé and I have been actively searching for our first home in Gravesend for the past month. Being first-time buyers, we are new to this...

Posted: 22 May 2023

Gravesend’s Over-50s Wealth Hits Record High as Generational Property Gulf Grows

Gravesend’S Over-50s Wealth Hits Record High As Generational Property Gulf Grows

The Gravesend property market is proving increasingly difficult for some younger Gravesend buyers, but mature homeowners have benefitted immensely from rising house prices in the last few decades....

Posted: 9 May 2023

7 Top Tips for Buy-To-Let in North Kent

7 Top Tips For Buy-To-Let In North Kent

1. Research the Market Before investing in buy-to-let property in town, it's crucial to research the property market. Look at the rental demand, average rental prices, and property prices...

Posted: 7 May 2023

Gravesend First-time Buyers Keeping our Local Property Market Afloat

Gravesend First-Time Buyers Keeping Our Local Property Market Afloat

Many Gravesend tenants are annoyed with competing for Gravesend rental properties at high rents. Therefore, over the last 12 months, many renters have been stretching their finances to get on...

Posted: 4 May 2023

Bought a buy-to-let property in Kent, with a sitting tenant recently?

Bought A Buy-To-Let Property In Kent, With A Sitting Tenant Recently?

  If the property is sold with the tenant in situ, the new landlord will need to consider how to deal with the tenancy deposit.    Both the current...

Posted: 18 April 2023

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