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Why Does it Take 178 Days to Sell a Home in Gravesend?

Why Does It Take 178 Days To Sell A Home In Gravesend?

The actual time can vary depending on market conditions, location, property type, and pricing strategy, so in this article I delve deeper. Here is a breakdown of that 178 days.   Step 1...

Posted: 12 July 2023

Is Gravesend a Buyers’ or Sellers’ Property Market

Is Gravesend A Buyers’ Or Sellers’ Property Market

In the ever-changing world of Gravesend property, the terms ‘buyers’ market’ and ‘sellers’ market’ are phrases bandied about. These property market...

Posted: 2 July 2023

Shocking Revelation: 833 Gravesham Properties Remain Empty

Shocking Revelation: 833 Gravesham Properties Remain Empty

Talking to a Gravesend client of mine recently, the subject of the housing crisis was mentioned. They suggested that all the empty properties in Gravesend could be the solution to this problem. On...

Posted: 16 June 2023

Evolving Gravesend Property Preferences:  A Shift in Types of Gravesend Properties Purchased Over the Last Two Years

Evolving Gravesend Property Preferences: A Shift In Types Of Gravesend Properties Purchased Over The Last Two Years

Gravesend Detached Houses: A Shift Towards Modernity   Detached houses, long considered the epitome of homeownership, have witnessed a transformation in Gravesend buyer preferences....

Posted: 14 June 2023

I have £275,000 to invest - is a Gravesend rental property still worth the risk?

I Have £275,000 To Invest - Is A Gravesend Rental Property Still Worth The Risk?

Dear Mr & Mrs A from Gravesend, if your primary objective is to generate income and reduce your workload, buying a buy-to-let property is likely not the favourable option unless you leverage...

Posted: 4 June 2023

Gravesend House Prices Have Risen by 2.96% Since Christmas.

Gravesend House Prices Have Risen By 2.96% Since Christmas.

Because of these growing Gravesend rents, it has made homeownership more cost-effective for younger Gravesend buyers and more lucrative for Gravesend landlords. On the back of this, house...

Posted: 27 May 2023

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