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Gravesend’s Property Market Pulse: Deciphering the Latter Half of 2023

Gravesend’S Property Market Pulse: Deciphering The Latter Half Of 2023

A Refresher on Market Dynamics For the uninitiated or those who need a memory jog, Gravesend's property dynamics hinge primarily on the proportion of properties tagged as "Sold STC" and...

Posted: 15 September 2023

Master the Art of Buying and Selling Homes Simultaneously in Gravesend

Master The Art Of Buying And Selling Homes Simultaneously In Gravesend

Know Your Gravesend Home's Worth First things first, you need a precise valuation of your current Gravesend home. While online estimates are convenient, nothing beats an in-person assessment...

Posted: 7 September 2023

The Emergence of Accidental Gravesend Landlords in a Slowing  Housing Market?

The Emergence Of Accidental Gravesend Landlords In A Slowing Housing Market?

While the sales market in Gravesend has experienced a period of strength in recent years, activity has started to slow down from the levels seen in 2021/2. In contrast, there has been soaring...

Posted: 28 August 2023

The Untold Story of Gravesend’s  Terraced Houses

The Untold Story Of Gravesend’S Terraced Houses

Many of our terraced houses in Gravesend were built during the Victorian era. Terraced houses emerged as a response to the Industrial Revolution, as people flocked to towns and cities for...

Posted: 12 August 2023

14 Reasons Not to Fear Gravesend House Price Drops

14 Reasons Not To Fear Gravesend House Price Drops

This article will explore 14 key factors that can provide reassurance in uncertain times. 1. Strength of the Gravesend Job Market The job market is crucial in determining home prices,...

Posted: 4 August 2023

Gravesend Rents Smash Through the £1,690 Barrier, Are Gravesend Landlords Profiteering?

Gravesend Rents Smash Through The £1,690 Barrier, Are Gravesend Landlords Profiteering?

The average rent for homes coming on the market in the Gravesend area in 2021 was £1,130 per month, whilst in 2023, it has been £1,563 per month. (Gravesend area DA11/12/13). You...

Posted: 31 July 2023

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